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21 February 2007 @ 12:18 pm
1/31/07--Emboldening the Enemy and Half Glass Full  

Jon Stewart: With more, I'm joined by our senior White House correspondent, John Oliver. John, thank you for joining us. John, it, it seems like critics of the war have no recourse that does not embolden Al Qaeda or our enemies.

John Oliver: Yes, they are an emboldenable--bable bunch.

JS: But the word "embolden". Embolden. Embolden. Say it.

JO: Embolden...able bunch.

JS: Emboldenable bunch. Such an odd word; such an unconventional word.

JO: Well, this is an odd, unconventional war. This isn't like World War II, where there were winners and losers. It's a new kind of war, where enemies can either be emboldened or beweakened. So, we have to enscare them to the point where they rebecave themselves. We must disimagine the very thinkment of misunsuccessiveness. That is what we have to bedo.

Jon Stewart: I've gotten into a few scrapes, uh, for some offhanded comments I've made about political figures as well. Um, for instance, the other day I insinuated that the only way to communicate with Vice President Dick Cheney is to speak in front of a picture of the Eye of Mordor as Darth Vader. Uh, the, the implication that some took away from this, uh, is, is that somehow I was implying, uh, that the Vice President is an arrogant, uh, delusional force for evil on the planet. Uh, or perhaps even throughout the galaxy. Well, it was certainly not my intention, and this weekend, the President of the United States went on National Public Radio to explain, uh, that he knows Cheney; Cheney is not delusional, just optimistic.

[clip, NPR, 1/29/07]
President Bush: I think that the Vice President is a, is a person reflecting, uh, a "half-glass-full" mentality.
[end clip]

JS: Well, now, now some... We're all familiar with that phrase. "Some people look at the glass as half full, some say it's half empty, others say it's... half a glass," I guess is what he was saying. Clearly there are... strokes for differences in people. But... by the way, how twisted is your administration when this guy is your Pollyanna? He's, he's your optimist, he's your little ray of sunshine. [as Bush] "You know, I'm, I'm bummed out. Bring--bring me Cheney. He's my Annie." [as Cheney] "Waah, the sun'll come out tomorrow, waah. Bet your bottom dollar that waah there'll be sun, waah."

I laughed at the quote from Bush--I scoffed. But then I was sent evidence that the Vice President is, in fact, a sensitive soul. Much more complex figure than I've given him credit for. Uh, I, I actually looked up some of the things he'd written. This is a book of his poetry; it's called Half Glass Full. Um, it's the poetry of Dick Cheney, uh, and I wanted you to listen, uh, to just one excerpt that I thought you'd find particularly... Uh, it's, it's a poem entitled "Springtime".

[as Cheney]
Death all around.
Black, black blood waah.
Despair is my blanket.
I pluck a pretty pink posy.
It dies."

And, um... anyway. That's, uh, that's actually the poem he used to propose to his wife.
shimmereeshimmeree on February 22nd, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
That poem wins at everything.