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15 January 2008 @ 07:15 pm
All I can say is... HEE.

Jon: Ed, so many of these recent public appearances in front of uniformed personnel... Is the President back in campaign mode? Is this craven political marketing?

Ed: Absolutely not, Jon. It's just a snapshot of a typical month for the men and women of the military's Photographic Operations unit, better known as Photo Ops.

Jon: That's... that's a military unit?

Ed: Oh, indeed it is, Jon. The Grinnin' 105th! An elite brigade comprised of brave, photogenic soldiers who put their images on the line every day to make their commander-in-chief look like the strong leader he needs to be seen as.

Jon: No offence to the troops in the Photo Ops, but it does seem like sort of a cushy gig.

Ed: Really? You wouldn't say that to their face, Jon. I'd like to see you survive just one day of the hazing they go through! You show up on film with redeye? A hundred pushups! Look mildly disinterested? They put your balls in a vice! [shouting] Private Helms, when I say "pose", I want you to say "how motionlessly?" SIR, POSING BEST I CAN, SIR! [fights back tears]

Jon: Alright, Ed, Ed, Ed! I'm sorry! Are you...? Ed, are you okay?

Ed: [hoarsely] Sorry, Jon. It's just a flashback to my own days in the unit. First Gulf War. I was White Guy #2.

Incidentally, The Daily Quotes is now back online with more quotes, articles by the show's writers and other such goodies. Contributions are always welcome! :)
buscal2xp1fq4vv on October 12th, 2016 03:06 am (UTC)
105th!">The Grinnin