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The Daily Show Quotes!

Your Favorite Daily Show Quotes!
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daily show quotes

Hi! Thank you for your interest in this community, maintained by the lovely raindroproses and newgeneration. Also check out our sister community, cr_quotes.

The point of this community, is as you've probably guessed, to post you favorite quotes from The Daily Show! I believe that every show is quote-worthy, and I didn't see any Daily Show quote communities... so I made this one. :D


- Don't pick on each other. If somebody posted the same quote after you have, don't give them crap in their post. Nobody likes to be made to feel bad, right?

- Which leads to this rule. At least skim over the community to see if your quote has been posted already. As the show is on Mon.-Thurs., I'm sure there is more than just one person who is going to find a particular quote funny. See where I'm going with this? No? Curses...

- In order to keep the community nice and spiffy looking, if you have an extra long quote, or more than one (unless they're all short, and you make it so we can tell they're not part of the same quote), put them under a cut. If you're not sure how to do this, the code is as follows: [lj-cut] Quote goes here! [/lj-cut] OR, if you wanna be spiffy and have some of your own text as the link people follow, the code is as follows: [lj-cut text="link text here. anything your little heart desires!"] Quote goes here! [/lj-cut] Of course, replace the [ & ] with < & >. If you still don't quite get it, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you out!

- New Rule: Unless it is Daily Show related, please do not promote other communities, websites, etc. here. Sorry, but we don't want to know if you think we're hot. We just want to read funny quotes.

- Of course, here's the cheesiest, most cliched rule of a community: Just have fun! That's what this community is for.


If, for any reason whatsoever (problems in the community, questions, comments, or you just wanna say hi), you need to contact me, here are the best ways to go about it.

AIM: oohshinyfandom
E-Mail: raindroproses777[at]gmail[dot]com


I remind you to please have fun. Enjoy yourself! Thanks!